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Welcoming your new puppy

A complete guide to welcoming a puppy into your home

Puppy looking sad

Bringing a new pet into the home is like introducing a new member to the family. It is a wonderful, memorable event and if managed correctly will be the start of a long and happy home environment for both you and your puppy.

Read on for some tips and a new puppy check list to help you prepare to welcome a puppy into your home.

Before your puppy arrives

It is important to make a few preparations before your new puppy arrives. After you have worked out how your new pet will be cared for go through this list to make sure you are fully organised for your new arrival.

Puppy laying on bed

1Firstly you should choose a breed that is suitable to your living situation. For example, a large dog will require a garden and wouldn’t be suitable for apartment living. Think about your lifestyle, the time you have available for a dog and the size of your home and garden.

2Decide what room the puppy will sleep and eat in. Then make sure the room is secure and warm.

3Contact the owner or kennel you are getting the puppy from and find out what they are being fed. It is important that the puppy gets the same food when they arrive in their new home. You can gradually change their food at a later date once your puppy has settled in.

4A good suggestion is to get a small soft toy for your puppy to give to the owner a week or so before the puppy is collected. This way the puppy will have something familiar, in scent and texture, to keep it company.


5Research your local vet and make an appointment to bring your puppy in for a check up and vaccinations.

6Arrange your pet insurance. Pet health care can be very expensive, so insurance can help you with any unforeseen costs. John Lewis have a selection of pet insurance packages for you to choose from.

7Put together your new puppy check list and get new items before your puppy arrives.

Top tips for your puppy's arrival


1When you collect your pet make sure you have your pet travel case in the car so you can transport your new pet safely. It is always a good idea to bring some wipes in-case your new puppy gets car sick.

2If you have bought a puppy from a breeder, ask for all the relevant paperwork such as the Kennel Club registration forms and pedigree certificate.

3Then ask the breeder/rescue centre staff has your puppy received their vaccinations. If not it is important to always wash your hands after handling the puppy, then at your earliest convenience take your puppy to the vet for vaccinations.

4Try and introduce your puppy to a calm environment. It is a very exciting time for families but it is important to ask children to be gentle and quiet around the new puppy as it arrives into its new home.


5Make sure there is food and water down for your puppy and show them where their bed is.

6The first night away from their mother is a stressful event. To help sooth your puppy you could wrap a clock in a blanket and put it in the puppy’s bed, this mimics the mothers heart beat and can offer some comfort to a distressed puppy.

7Some new puppy owners also like to put a hot water bottle in the puppy’s bed underneath the blanket. A puppy is used to sleeping with their litter mates and may feel cold on their first night alone.

8Make sure you play with and spend a lot of time with your puppy in their first few days, always being careful not to leave the dog alone with young children. Introducing a good structure and getting toilet training right at these early stages will make everything a lot easier for you in the future.


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