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Cat fleas & ticks

Follow our handy guide to keep your cat flea & tick free

Cat fleas & ticks

Fleas and ticks aren’t pleasant, and if left untreated can lead to other health issues.

Read on for tips to keeping your cat and home flea and tick free.

Cat flea treatment

It's not always easy to know if your cat has fleas, so the best way to control and prevent them is to treat your cat all year round.

There are many types of flea treatment, Spot On solution being one of the most common and easy to use. Some Spot On treatment requires a prescription, although there are others such as Frontline and Advantage that are available without. To administer, simply remove your cat’s collar and apply the pre-measured liquid directly to the skin on the back of the neck – where it can’t be licked. This will kill any fleas within 24hrs, but you need to repeat every four to five weeks to keep your cat continuously protected.

You also need to make sure other pets in your household are treated, as they can act as a carrier. As well as treating your cat and other pets, you should treat your home too. You can do this by regularly washing your cat’s bedding, hoovering carpets and furniture, and using a household flea spray to break the flea lifecycle.


Cat ticks


Ticks on cats are much easier to spot than fleas, and will most likely be found around the ears, head and neck areas. You should check regularly for ticks by parting your cat’s fur and running your finger gently along the skin to feel for any signs of a bite.

Once dead, most ticks will fall off of your cat naturally, but you can try gently removing them yourself using a special tick hook or a pair of tweezers. Don’t force a tick out, as anything left inside the skin can lead to infection. Instead, take your cat to the vet.

A number of the treatments used to kill fleas also kill ticks and provide future protection against them. But, you’ll need to use them more regularly than if you were just using for fleas.

Make sure you never run out of flea and tick treatment, and other cat essentials, by using our repeat order service with delivery at a frequency that suits you.


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