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PetSafe Staywell Petporte Smart Cat Flap White
  • PetSafe Staywell Petporte Smart Cat Flap White
  • PetSafe Staywell Petporte Smart Cat Flap White

Product Information

The door mounted Smart Flap, also known as the PetSafe Petporte, is the world’s first microchip cat flap! Activated by your cat’s microchip, this technologically advanced door keeps unwanted neighbourhood cats out and completely eradicates the need for magnetic collars – which can break or get lost, leaving your cat stranded. The flap runs from main power (low voltage) with an optional battery back-up and is always scanning and ‘searching’ for microchips allowing only authorised cats immediate entry, and the scanner detects cats just before they reach the door offering instant access. The adjustable re-latch time ensures the cat is fully in the house before re-locking.

But that’s not all! The smart flap has a whole range of interesting additional features designed to keep your cat safe at home. There are adjustable settings that allow you to keep your cat(s) indoors at specific times and, there’s a light sensor that activates in-only access for authorised cats allowing you to keep your cats indoors after dark.

Other Features:

• Works with standard UK and EU microchips

• No collar needed No need to risk having your cat caught on its collar

• Operated by your cat's microchip

• Weather-proof

• Draught excluding

• Child lock feature

• Helps keeps out unwanted cats

• Strong door and locking mechanism

• Fits common glass and door cat flap openings

• Can remember up to 31 different cats

• Easily fits common 17cm square openings or 21cm diameter hole


Easy to install and suitable for all doors, walls and windows of all materials – including glass and metal. The cut out of the flap is able to replace the Staywell Deluxe and Classic cat flap ranges with little alterations so therefore ‘upgrading’ is quick and easy.

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PetSafe Staywell Petporte Smart Cat Flap White White



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PetSafe Staywell Petporte Smart Cat Flap White

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